If you’re preparing for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam or simply want to enhance your Kubernetes skills, this learning path is for you. The following articles are designed to cover essential topics very quickly for the CKAD certification and beyond.

Getting Started

  1. Kubernetes Concepts
  2. Kubernetes Namespaces: An Overview
  3. Kubernetes Imperative Commands

Core Components

  1. Creating and Managing Kubernetes Pods
  2. Mastering Multi-container Pods in Kubernetes
  3. Understanding Kubernetes Events
  4. Understanding Kubernetes Services
  5. Implementing Kubernetes Services
  6. Kubernetes Labels and Selectors
  7. Using Annotations in Kubernetes

Configuration and Deployment

  1. Configuring Applications in Kubernetes
  2. Understanding Kubernetes ConfigMaps
  3. Kubernetes Deployments
  4. Kubernetes Liveness & Readiness Probes
  5. Kubernetes Resource Quotas and Limits
  6. Kubernetes Service Accounts
  7. Automating Deployments with Kubernetes Operators
  8. Understanding and Using Helm in Kubernetes
  9. Managing Configurations with Kubernetes Kustomize


  1. Working with Kubernetes Volumes
  2. Kubernetes Persistent Volume Claims Explained
  3. Managing Kubernetes State with Persistent Volumes
  4. Kubernetes StatefulSets Explained

Observability and Troubleshooting

  1. Monitoring and Observability in Kubernetes
  2. Troubleshooting Kubernetes Container Logs
  3. Advanced Troubleshooting in Kubernetes

Network and Policies

  1. Kubernetes Networking Overview
  2. Kubernetes Network Policies
  3. Understanding and Using Kubernetes Ingress

Jobs and CronJobs

  1. Managing Kubernetes Jobs
  2. Kubernetes CronJobs

Patterns and Custom Resources

  1. Adapter Pattern in Kubernetes
  2. Ambassador Pattern in Kubernetes
  3. Sidecar Pattern in Kubernetes
  4. Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)


  1. Kubernetes Security Best Practices
  2. Securing Kubernetes Clusters
  3. Securing Kubernetes Secrets
  4. Kubernetes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

This should give you a strong foundation in Kubernetes as you prepare for the CKAD exam.