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About me

Hi!, I´m Daniel, originally from northern Spain and currently residing in Abu Dhabi where I take care of my little family: my beautiful wife and our 2 kids…

I enjoy traveling. Each and every time, I find something magical about having a new stamp on my passport. Apart from experiencing the beauty of a new place, I enjoy the experience wherein I get to meet new people, learn about their culture and traditions, and thus expand my level of awareness to level higher. Learning through travel changes you. It’s like you unravel and completely emerge to a different person.


Writing and learning

I’m using this site as a tool of self-development, they say that you never completely understand a subject until you are able to explain it. I think that each one may view things at different angles. A view that may be contrasting but is something that’s worth sharing. I write about topics I’m passionate about.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’ s view in anyway. Thanks for visiting my page!

J. Daniel Sobrado
IT Consultant
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…to give some feedback!

I write about topics I want to refresh, subjects I’m studying and materials I want to learn, feel free to leave any comments. Because if it’s actually not good enough, I would like to know that.

I want to be challenged to be able to advance further. Though, if you like it, and it gets popular I will support it and continue writing more about it.

See you int he other side!